About Me

Hi, I’m Jessica Smith and Thanks for visiting this site.

I am a proud mom of 2 children. in my free time I love to write. that’s why I started this type of site to blogging and give you some tips to make your baby happy.

Being a mom has given me the chance to meet a lot of cool parents who share their experience for parenting with me and vice versa. They recommend me a lot of various hacks and tips for my son and daughter. also frequently ask for different suggestions and recommendation from me. With all the opinions I tell them, I always advise parents to purchase a Baby Monitor.

Baby Monitors are one of my favorite gear in the last 3 years. Because it’s beneficial for all parents, they help you to monitor your little baby from another room or from where ever you are.

The reason why Baby Monitors are so popular is they are cheap, simple to use and very useful for every parent.

In this blog, I always try to write helpful and educational articles to help you as much as I can with my experience with newborns, baby gear, and Baby Monitors.

if you have any problem regarding my site Feel Free to communicate with me a comment down below or contact me if by using the Contact Us Page.

Jessica Smith
Author, BabyMonitorGuide